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Thursday, 13 December 2007

dawns challenge

this is my glitzy card for dawns challenge
which was to make a new years card..
this card is quite colourful and bright and
full,which is how i want 2008 to be!!!
2007 was not a brilliant year for me,
as you know my beautiful daughter died
after a 2yr battle with cancer,
and this time of year is quite hard,
as she would have been 4 on sunday 16th x

but heres to a brighter 2008!!!

1 comment:

All Pink girl said...

OOOH Meayla out standing card ,realy gorgeous ,well done ,
soooo glad you did my challenge xxx

I am so sorry about your little girl ,i wish i could fix everything for you xxxxx,
she is such a beautiful little thing xxxxx and your boys are so hansome xxxx,

with the tag ,just put hoe taged you and then 7 ,silly, daft ,crazy ,facts about your self then choose 5 other people to tag ,thats it ,if you dont get time dont worry ,i dont want you to stree about it ,
its just away to introduce other people to your blog ,i just wanted people to see your great cards xxxx
you take care and i do hope you have a lovely christmas and a brighter new year ,big hugs to you and your family Dawnxxxxx