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Monday, 11 August 2008

introducing smokie x

I`ve been wanting a new baby kitty for a while and the last few days the feeling was getting stronger and stronger,not that we dont already have enough!!
Any way i went out and came back with this little sweetie...she`s only four weeks old so little too young to be away from her mummy but her mummy wasnt too bothered abut the feeding ect and she has started weaning very well,i have named her smokie...i`m not 100% sure that she is a she and not a he so smokie would suit either!
yesterday she was very nervous but todayshe has begun to explore more and has just started to play a bit x


Lydia said...

Awwwwwwww!!!!! She's gorgeous!!!! xx

Han said...

ooh she is sooo cute xx

pink lady said...

Aw how cute is she...hope she has settled in xx

Ria's ScrapCards said...

OMG she is so adorable!! Pictures like this make me wanna have a furrykid again! My last cat died in June :( 5 days before we got home from France.

BTW Your tagged. Take a look at my site ;)