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Sunday, 7 September 2008

sunday morning bargains

went to the car boot today for first time in ages and bagged myself a cpl of bargains!!!
firstly spotted some paper craft magazines recent ones-50p each so bought 5 of those....then found a 12x12 paper stack,not the most gorgeous papers i have to say and lots of them were plain.but textured :)
and for ONLY £1 how can i complain....THEN there was a fabby little light box for 75p!!!
so me thinks i should start going again every week!!!!


Han said...

Fab bargains well done u - re my blog just go to the follower bit on the right hand side and when it highlights push it - hope this helps xx

Ria's ScrapCards said...

hahaahh before you know it you will grow out of your house if you go every week :) but those bargains sounds kewl :)

hugs Ria

LuLu said...

I don't blame you wanting to go every week - with bargains like that, I think I might have to come as well ! ! !

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Well done you!! :0)
All you have to do use them!!Lol x