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Thursday, 27 December 2007

hi all x hope u all had a lovely time over christmas x

i found it hard for obvious reasons but nice too...especially since i got my new laptop!!! yes its goodbye to the whirring and incessant groaning of the old pc,no more constant shutting down of its own accord in the middle of business!!!

I went to hobbycraft sale too today and got lots of bargains x

including lots of handmade paper packs reduced to 99p each for 12 sheets!! and embellishments a plenty,also `anitas` goody packs worth £30 for only £9.99 and 12x12 tote storage bags reduced from £14.99 to only£4.99 WOW!!!,i find these are perfect for storing scrapbooks in progress,especially since each one comes with 5clear storage pockets which can be removed!!!

i made the descision to turn half of my daughter brionys bedroom into my craft space,so that i can feel close to her while crafting,plus this would mean i could actually get in bed beacause my craft things would no longer be blocking my path!!!
however this is not an easy task because first i have to sort out some bits of brionys which can be moved into storage and then move 2 big desks from our attic bedroon downstairs to brionys room,so all this is work in progress so bit by bit is the order of the day with it!!!!


All Pink girl said...

Arrr babe ,i am so glad christmas was ok ,i did think about you xxx
your little princess would want you create beautiful things in her room ,take care Dawnxxx,

Anonymous said...

I can only echo what Dawn says....
Bless you all xxx:)