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Saturday, 22 December 2007

sisterhood of the blogging stampers-7

hi all,today i joined a lovely friendly talented group called sisterhood of the blogging stampers-7 or sbs7 for short!
the group will close at 20 members so there may just be time to get on board~~~
well hi to the sisters! my name is meayla,i`m 27 married and have 3 children,blake who`s 10,tommy who`s 5 and briony who would have been 4 last week had she not become an angel in march this year aged 3,after a 2yr battle against deadly childhood cancer named neuroblastoma.
you will find that i talk about briony very much,so as to keep her memory alive..hey she was too special a person to not remember lots!!!
on my blog you will find my entries to various challenges and my designs for funkyfairy
you will also find lots of pix of my children,there is also a link to light a candle for briony....i`d love you to do this as often as youd like!!!
look forward to gettin to know the group after xmas,IN THE MEAN TIME........EAT ....DRINK...AND BE VERY VERY MERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Girl With the Gadgets said...

Welcome to the sisterhood.. Glad you are here.

Love your colorful page..

Tina M

Dawn Marie said...

just wanted to welcome you to the group. cant wait to get to know you. I got a new laptop too and love it!Enjoy

JenniferL. said...

So glad to be in the sisterhood with you. I look forward to seeing all the things on your blog.

kerri said...

Hi Meayla, Cannot wait to get to know you better and can't wait to hear more about your beautiful Angel Briony.


frickelfee said...

Just rushed in to say hello from we´re sisters in SBS7 and I´m looking forward to know you better!

Btw...I light up a candle for your wonderful Briony...

Best wishes for 2008!!!

Greetings Sabine

lcrmum said...

Hi Just wanted to say hello and look forward to getting to knwo you better in the new year! I too am taking a Teaching Assistant course! I love it. What level are you taking?


Michelle said...

Hi there Meayla,
Here's to getting to know all our sisters better. Take care and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Glad to be part of sbs7 and looking forward to chatting. Take care and all the best for 2008.
Vanessa :)

Tammy said...

Welcome to SCS 7! Looking forward to getting to know you in the new year! Your angel-baby is a precious little gem! Sending you (((hugs)))!

Miss Em said...

Welcome welcome! Happy New Year! Sending you hugs!

wendy said...

Just to apologise for being late in sending this post.....Its been sooooo busy over christmas ive just not had the time..... Looking forward to getting to know you better.....I will light a candle for Briony....such a cute little angel!


meayla said...

hi x thanks for the comments x candles for bri are ALWAYS APPRECIATED x x x x