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Thursday, 13 December 2007

i`ve been tagged by the ever so lovely all pink girl.. dawn..
so here are 7 things about me...

1.i have 2 dogs,1 cat,1 rabbit,1 bearded dragon,1 corn snake,32 hens and 3 cocks[but thats another story!!!]

2.i collect my litle ponys,keepers,trolls,care bears and acorn green,all 80s toys from my childhood.

3,my favorite show is vampires rock we see it at least 2 times a year and have watched it grow with the hard work of the cast.

4,`dippy` is my nickname.....cant think why!!!

5,i spent my work experience at a funeral directors and always wanted to ultimatly be a funeral director!!!

6,i will be starting a teaching assistant course and playworker course in february.

7,i am a gemini,and am true to every trait associated with one!!! i am as diverse in everything i say,do,think and feel as you can get!!!!


Karen said...

Great to get to know you more. All those animals !!! I'm sticking at our 2 hens!

All Pink girl said...

Thanks so much for joining in xxxx
how to you find time to craft with all your animals LOL,xxxxx
take care Dawnx

leann said...

at last a kindred spirit - i still have all my ponies & care bears!!!!!